Melbourne’s Premium Luxury Car Rentals

These are some of the compelling reasons to grab your next prestige car rental:

Unwind using the amazing services from Luxury Car Hire Melbourne by Supercar Garage.

If you are looking to impress and entertain, then Supercar Garage is your perfect option. It’s easy & fun to hire a supercar using luxury car hire Melbourne by Supercar Garage.
So, here is your chance to gift a ride full of luxury, comfort & pleasure in your classic Mercedes or a sporty Porsche with luxury car hire Melbourne.

Freedom to take a ride at your convenience

We all need a little break to relax & rejuvenate once in a while. Luxury car hire Melbourne is a perfect reason & way to achieve this. One will have the utmost freedom to hire a comfortable ride from a huge variety of supercars available. You can easily redeem a car rental voucher. We assure that you will find the city even more pleasurable from the grand seats of any of our luxury vehicles.


Melbourne’s Premium Luxury Car Rentals

Book a car of your dreams

It is really imperative that you choose the right car rental agency where superior service & a large fleet of cars is available. The luxury car hire Melbourne by Supercar Garage will ensure your rental experience to be amazing. So, don’t delay & book your next luxury car hire for a party, business trip or a wedding & make the event memorable.

Enjoy the luxury when you hire from extensive varieties of status vehicles. Certainly, the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne looks even more majestic in a supercar.

Supercar Garage has a huge selection of premium sports cars available for rental. These include some of the worlds most luxurious brands such as:

– Lamborghini


Aston Martin



Mercedez Benz




Land Rover