Having a chance to experience extraordinary power in your hands is one thing. Using that chance is quite another thing. Supercar Garage Melbourne Porsche rental gives you a chance to step your foot on a Porsche gas pedal and push the boundaries to maximum driving enjoyment. With various Porsche models in its diverse fleet of luxury and sports cars, Supercar Garage is the one-stop-place for high-quality car rental services. Here are the Porsche masterpieces you will find at Supercar Garage Melbourne:

The New Porsche 911 991 GT3: The Pride of Supercar Porsche Rental

Combining over 5 decades of evolution, the 911 is praised and revered on the road. This sports car represents nothing less than purity of design and maximum performance. Its lightweight construction and incredible grip and traction sets it apart from many other sports car models.

Porsche Boxster S 981: Source Of New-Found Popularity Of Melbourne Porsche Rental

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Boxster models ever produced. It is lighter, stronger and better looking compared to earlier versions. Spin the Boxster once and you are on the supercar heavens. The motoring experience you get from the new Porsche Boxster S 981 is the best the Boxster class can give. Supercar Garage Melbourne endeavours to bring you the best of the best automobile to inspire you even as you enjoy your rides.

Porsche Cayenne

Just one look at the Cayenne will give you an idea of what Porsche stands for: outstanding performance. First, its head-turning exterior is donned with fine, breathtaking shapes with character lines that shout the unmistakable Porsche brand.

Another key attribute of the Cayenne is versatility. Supercar Garage allows you first-hand experience of the duality and functionality of the Cayenne. Whether on the smooth CBD roads or extreme terrain off-tracks, you will enjoy this supercar’s power and versatility.

How to enjoy your Porsche rental experience

1. Drive yourself around Melbourne CBD in a Porsche

Use every second during your one-hour drive around Melbourne CBD to acquire as much Porsche driving experience as you can. The tour starts from Supercar Garage office or from your hotel and you will be accompanied by a trained Supercar Garage.

2. See Melbourne and its environs from the front seat of a Porsche

An even better opportunity to interact better with the Porsche luxury car of your choice is the full-day drive tour. The tour starts from Albert Park into the Burnley Tunnel toward Mornington. Here’s where the fun gets doubled as you cruise along the Peninsula. Afterwards you turn toward Arthur Seat, one of the greatest roads in the region. Next destination is the world-famous wine regions of Red Hill and Flinders, after which you return to Albert Park.

3. Enter an event in a stunning way

If there is an important corporate or social event coming up, making entry in one of the most desired Porsche models can leave a lasting impression. Supercar Garage Porsche rental service can tailor its service to fit your needs on that special occasion. Contact a customer service staff, submit your booking and leave the rest to Supercar Garage. You will thank the company later for enabling you to make a one-of-a-kind entry into that unique wedding reception or valuable business meeting.

For a car lover, spending time in the front of your dream car whether driving or being ridden is sweet and mood-lifting. You can have the best of this experience with Supercar Garage Porsche rental. The power is all in your fingertips.

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