Supercar Garage provides the opportunity for luxury, sports and prestige car owners to rent their own cars and obtain a genuine return on their investment. Did you ever think about making a financial return on your car? In most cases, our vehicle investors have obtained a financial return equivalent to 50% valuation of their car in just 1 year!

Supercar Garage currently has 70% of the luxury sports car rental market and is the only national sports car rental company in Australia.

Our vehicle investor program has been designed to reduce your financial demands by allowing your car investment to self cater for any car financial obligations. Infact, many of our current vehicle investors have found that this program also allows them to own multiple cars knowing that each will provide a return on their investment.

There are two options available for vehicle investors, each providing their own benefits and and financial rewards:

Per Request
This option allows you to keep your car for your own use and provide it to us to cover rentals as required. Although the rental returns on your investment vehicle are higher, you would be required to ensure the car is serviced, cleaned, full of fuel and bring the vehicle to us each time the car is rented.

Permanent Placement
When providing your car on a permanent placement, we manage all aspects of the servicing and insurance. This also allows us to have the car available for immediate rentals and relocation to meet rental demands in other locations throughout Australia.

Additional Benefits
If you intend to use your sports car from time to time from the sports car rental location where it has been placed, provided that we do not have any car reservations for your car during the required period, you can contact our reservations centre to request for the use of your car. Should your sports car be booked out for this period, then you will be offered another vehicle investors car for 50% of the rental rate plus rental contract administration costs. Please note that normal rental conditions will apply such as security bonds, klm restrictions etc…This ensures that our other vehicle investor will still receive a return on their own sports car which you are using.